Flowers & Gifts

who we are

we believe in a unique and customized experience for each and every client.

It all started with a dream. Katie Quill, inspired by the flower shop she worked in, went to floral school. Katie then instilled this inspiration in her sister, Teresa, and Quills Bunches was born. Katie and Teresa's first shop was opened in 1997 on Union Street. They soon built up a loyal following of "regulars" and began to outgrow their shop. After dozens of weddings, parties, arrangements, gifts, and more the two sisters moved location to Greenville in 2005. The Greenville shop has exploded the business into the creative enterprise Katie and Teresa always dreamed of. With hard work, dedication, and creativity these two sisters have created a beautiful, fun, funky, and fabulous shop that caters personally to all their customers. 

our approach

Each arrangement at Quill's Bunches has a special touch unique to each florist. With a small staff of designers: Owner Teresa (Quill) Pfeifle, Tracey Wenzel, Beth Fontana, and Jeanine Morse, each arrangement, event, and wedding is hand-tailored to fit each unique customer's vision. Whether you call us weeks in advance or just want to stop in quick to pick up something from the cooler, we promise each arrangement will be fun, funky, and, of course,fabulous!